Employee Directory

Employee Name


Direct Phone #


Aponte, Loreen Claims Liaison 973-437-9668 Contact
Barbato, Jennifer Client Services Manager 973-437-9644 Contact
Bauman, Jeff Executive Account Manager 973-437-9637 Contact
Borgna, Dan Vice President of Environmental & Construction 973-437-9664 Contact
Carvalho, Helena Account Manager 973-437-9661 Contact
Cocuzza, Peter Executive Account Manager 973-437-9663 Contact
Cupo, Maureen Vice President of Operations & HR 973-437-9645 Contact
DeCapua, Carol Receptionist 973-437-9632 Contact
Garces, Joe Safety Consultant 201-888-2258 Contact
Gavilanes, Maria Assistant Account Manager 973-437-9643 Contact
Gonzalez, Nelson Account Manager 973-437-9622 Contact
Jorge, Lee President & CEO 973-437-9642 Contact
Keating, Tom Vice President of Surety & Producer 973-437-9629 Contact
Manso, Ana Account Manager & Small Business Unit 973-437-9628 Contact
McDonnell, Kevin Vice President of Benefits & Planning 973-437-9621 Contact
Moschonikolakis, Andy Director of Technology 973-437-9663 Contact
Murphy, Jaclyn Account Manager 973-437-9624 Contact
Napoli, Karen Account Manager 973-437-9640 Contact
Oliveira, Tony Vice President 973-437-9639 Contact
Pereira, Claudia Account Manager 973-437-9636 Contact
Siano, Stephanie Account Manager 973-437-9631 Contact
Slater, Lee Supply & Scan Coordinator 973-437-9630 Contact
Spann, Danielle Commercial Lines Supervisor 973-437-9634 Contact
Swayze, Corey Accounting Assistant Specialist 973-437-9648 Contact
Taran, Tina Account Manager 973-437-9626 Contact
Tavaglione, Brielle General Counsel 973-437-9656 Contact
Tobey, Phil Vice President & Director of Surety 973-437-9650 Contact
Trevor, John Safety Consultant Manager 908-309-0557 Contact
Turiello, Brenda Account Manager 973-437-9641 Contact
Velarde, Sheny Vice President of Underwriting 973-437-9652 Contact
Vicaro, Gary Executive Account Manager 973-437-9635 Contact
Wistuk, Susan Director of Finance & Comptroller 973-437-9653 Contact