Employee Benefits Programs

Our Employee Benefits team helps your employees navigate through the complicated world of today’s healthcare. The team works with your staff on enrollment, wellness, and employee advocacy, to deliver an experience that will exceed your expectations and controls your costs.

By focusing on your company’s culture and strategic plan, we design programs that meet your financial needs and enrich your employees.

We provide many additional benefits that will complement your program, including:

  • Enrollment Meetings & Custom Benefit Booklets
  • Wellness Training & Education
  • Employee Advocacy & Services
  • HR Compliance & Legislative Updates
  • HR Counsel Referral Program

Voluntary Benefits

To learn more on a great way to keep you and your family covered for things that Major Medical does not, click on the employee toolbox link below to choose additional voluntary benefits. They’re called voluntary benefits because you, the employee, choose whether you want them or not. You select from a menu of options that could include dental, vision, life and other critical coverages.

Employee Toolbox

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