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Important Information

  • Please forward bid bond specifications of owner and any and all special forms, including consent of surety forms. Failure to remit this information may disqualify your bid, as per the owner’s rights.
  • If your estimate escalates more than 10% above the original bid bond request, please call prior to the bid, as we are required to notify the surety company.
  • It is recommended that prime contractors require subcontract bonds on any substantial work performed by subcontractors.
  • Confirmation of financing will be required for all Private Work prior to contract bond approval.
  • Any job with unusual time frames, special conditions or extended maintenance period may require additional premium.
  • The bonding company will charge a 1% fee if an obligee requires a bid bond for prequalification and waives the performance bond requirement. This will also apply if a performance bond is issued and returned while the contract is still in effect.
  • If a 2-year Maintenance Bond is required, the bonding company will charge 1% of the Maintenance Bond amount for the 2nd year.

Should you have any questions, please contact:


– Claudia Pereira x636
– Kaitlin McGreevy x625

– Brenda Turiello x641
– Samantha Martucci x624

DISCLAIMER: You may use this convenient form to request a bid bond, however, it is your obligation to review and make sure that the owner/ obligee specifications are in conformance and are accurate.